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A supply and demand crisis in the Solar industry for Investors has led to some unique opportunities for Entrepreneurs, Solar Salespeople, Developers and Property Owners!

By: Joseph Loud – President, AED

Entrepreneurs looking for the ‘Next Big Thing,’ Real Estate Professionals and Investors, Solar Sales and Development experts and Property Owners; read this or risk missing out on a lucrative opportunity!

Some of the most important stakeholders in the Solar industry, the Long-Term Investors we all count on to fund projects, are currently suffering from a certain kind of crisis that can also be perceived as an incredible opportunity for us to help ourselves by helping them.

Their Crisis

Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Institutional Investment Groups and even some Investor Owned Utility Companies all around the country are in the process of discovering that they’ve been overly optimistic with respect to their fundraising and acquisition strategy. They’re having a difficult time getting their hands on enough ‘shovel ready’ Solar projects to keep up with the commitments they made when they raised the capital for their 2019 thru 2021 Solar acquisitions fund or initiative.

It seems that for years now, every Solar Investment Group we’ve talked to has been hell bent on acquiring and turning on 100MW or more of Solar by 2022 and they all want it ASAP. The incremental step-down of the Federal Investment Tax Credit (30% in 2019, 26% in 2020 and 22% in 2021 before dropping down to 10% thereafter) has been the biggest driver of this ‘Solar Gold Rush’ we’ve seen. With a lot of groups raising capital the conventional thinking has been “if we raise it, the deals will come.”

That’s the thing though… there’s only a certain number of projects available in each market that have actually received their ‘Notice to Proceed;’ historically the stage a project would have to reach in order for it to be transactable which normally takes over a year to achieve.

Our Cure

Most Investors lack the time, expertise, and patience to get involved with New Project Origination. To this group, an opportunity isn’t even real until it’s reached a stage where they can write a check for it. Due to the shortage of projects at NTP, especially in the more competitive Solar markets like here in the Northeast, we pivoted to a new process that relies on hungry Investors who are willing to look at transacting much earlier, as long as we could check all the right boxes. We’re happy to report that it’s now working – we were right (great call Mr. Kuhn)!

The best thing about this new process is that by working together, we can actually get money flowing in a handful of weeks instead of many months if not years, everyone wins. The bar has now been lowered when it comes to what qualifies as a project that’s ‘Ready for Acquisition’ and the market for projects has never been more competitive. What we need now are more properties to run through our process and that’s something we could use help with.

We’ve developed the #secretrecipe to turn Real Estate into Ready for Acquisition Solar Projects within WEEKS, not Months or Years… ARE YOU CURIOUS AS TO HOW WE DID IT?


Contact us for more information.

TOP 3 Drivers for the lack of sufficient Shovel-Ready Solar Project Inventory:

The Utility Companies, especially in busy and competitive Solar markets are either ill-equipped to handle the onslaught of interconnection applications they’ve been receiving from Developers or they’re actively obstructing progress on purpose, being that they see our industry as their principal competitor. In my opinion we’re experiencing both at the same time.

Most Developers lack the resources necessary to have more than a handful of the types of projects, that are most attractive to Investors under development at a time. The costs for engineering, interconnection applications, impact studies and the dreaded first 25% of the fee for interconnection (that becomes past-due within 31 days of receiving an approval that probably cost you over a year of your time) $100K of your hard earned cash (or more… sometimes much… more) are all contributing factors.

Most Developers get so busy developing projects they don’t leave themselves enough time to put forth a continuous business development effort.

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