As our name implies, AED is more than a design/development company.  We are also a network of “associated” renewable energy professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, including Channel Partners, Developers, Engineers, Product Vendors, Financing specialists and more.  AED becomes the nexus, or focal point between  innovative renewable energy products and service providers and dealer/developers.

As a Channel Partner of AED, your local contacts and the ability to recognize and evaluate prospective sites combined with our expertise to develop these sites into renewable energy product solutions  creates a powerful synergy. Channel Partners are entitled to display the ‘AED Member’ logo to showcase their ability to bring expertise to projects.  AED Channel Partners may make use of, and offer for resale, our studies, modeling tools and experience, sample contracts, and many other tools and benefits. They may act as a ‘dealer’ for our equipment suppliers and even create ownership equity for themselves in joint projects they bring to the table. Vendor Associates may offer products or services to other associates and use AED as a networking channel for their business.

If you are interested in becoming a Channel Partner with AED, please download the information package here. This package of information contains the understandings and agreements that will be used between us to create the Product and Project relationship with you as an Associate of AED.  The document describes how you can:

Sell products and solutions from vendors that are also associated with AED, such as Aeronautica Wind turbines
Sell or use AED design and engineering services to create site assessments or feasibility studies
Work with AED to co-develop the sites you wish.

Vendor Associates are urged to contact us via email or telephone.

Our Network

The AED network currently consists of more than 45 professionals spanning North America and around the globe. If you have a project you would like to discuss, please let us know and we will put you in touch with a local Associate. Or, if you are interested in becoming an Associate yourself and taking advantage of our depth and expertise, please see the ‘Join Us’ link and call our office today.

If you wish to contact one of our associates, please click here. Be sure to include the name of the associate that you wish to contact.