Our company is at the forefront of the Sustainable Energy industry and is involved in many interesting projects.  Here is a sampling of the type of projects we are involved in…

100% Renewable Solution, Fogo, Cape Verde.  Providing all of the electricity required by an island appears to be achievable, as we are attempting on the island of Fogo in Cape Verde.  Wind farms will produce extra power which will be stored in a form of a ‘syn-fuel’ for those periods when the wind dies down.  Wind and solar resources will power the entire island, with our grid stabilization products serving to smooth the variable power levels. We are pleased to announce that our ‘100% Renewable Island’ project has been selected as one of only four projects around the world to be awarded financing by IRENA, the International Renewable Energy Association. Over 200 companies competed in the competition. Our project is designed to allow the entire island of Brava, located in Cape Verde, to be powered by renewable energy over the course of the year, with no backup needed by fossil fuel sources. The design utilizes oversized wind and solar energy installations to create Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) which is stored for use as a ‘syn-fuel’ when the wind and solar resources are insufficient to power the island.

Western Union Disapora Finalist. AED is proud to have been named a Finalist in the 2015 USAID/ADFD Western Union Diaspora competition for its submission of a ‘Wind4Water©’ project located on the island of Fogo, in Cape Verde.  This project, which was described as ‘innovative and forward looking’ by the judges.  AED came in 15th out of over 700 projects submitted from around the world.  The proposal was to provide an oversized wind farm on the island to supply not only grid power, but also enough energy to power Reverse Osmossis desalination plants to provide 500m3/day of new fresh water on the island.  AED is working to introduce the Wind4Water© concept in many locations around the world.

Wind4Water©  – Cape Verde Islands.   Working with our Cape Verdean Development Associate Cape Verde Wind, LLC, we have been working on the Cape Verde Islands since 2010 to develop both wind power and our Wind4Water(c) projects in this African island nation. Many developing nations such as Cape Verde have the natural resources such as sun and wind which can have a profound impact on their need for diesel generation and water distribution. By reducing the offshore flow of petro-dollars, Cape Verde builds wealth and stability.

Community Wind – Somerset County, MD.  AED recently secured a $1.1M Windswept grant from the Maryland Energy Office for the construction of 2 – 750 kW wind turbines which will be used to provide over 1/2 of the electricity used to power the County’s 10 schools. This project is possible due to Maryland’s new net metering regulations.