In a few short years Solar Photovoltaic systems have become competitive in many areas of the world.  Depending on local regulations and energy pricing, solar PV can be the right choice for your factory, school, farm, or even as a stand-alone Independent Power Station.Whether ground mounted, roof mounted, or a carport/canopy, AED has the product designs and modeling experience you need to build a successful project.  We can show you how solar economics work, the tax advantages involved, and the pitfalls to avoid.

We have pre-configured many commercial and industrial sized solar PV systems for you.  See the brochure below for a sample of our 250kW arrays.

We can provide our development Associates and project owners with many of the tools you need. Ask about our proprietary Focus© software which allows you to model project costing and obtain 25 year Proforma cash projections.  Need photo-simulations?  No problem.  Sample land leases and Power Purchase Agreements? We have them, no need to reinvent the wheel.

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250kW Solar ‘Ranchette’ Brochure