Analyzing site data and correctly interpreting the environment under which the system will operate is crucial to developing renewable energy project.


As with any engineering project, renewable energy systems require the designer to determine the outcome and its potential impact on its surroundings in advance…


AED can provide both ‘develop-for-hire’ or ‘develop-to-own’ services for the property owner.


Sun light and the wind may be free, but building the capital equipment to capture sustainable energy and put it to use costs a lot of money.


AED also offers brokerage opportunities. We have done numerous projects and helped facilitate developers with our connections.

White Paper

Learn more about the solar business in Massachusetts and why you should go solar and about saving CO2 and trading trees for solar!

Network Operations Center

24/7 System Monitoring, Operations & Maintenance services,Thermal Imaging capabilities…


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At AED we provide a spectrum of solutions to retrofit and develop energy efficient projects worldwide. We work with landowners…