If You Are Going to Go Green,

Go All the Way Green.

Considering solar or wind for your building or property? Why settle for a partial solution?  Now you can get the balance of your electrical requirements from renewable energy as well. Or, just choose the Lowest Cost option!

Go completely green with AED’s new ‘Full Green’ competitive supply program.  This program provides you with energy from solar or wind farms across the country.  If you are buying your electricity from your utility’s ‘default’ service, you are likely to be over paying for electricity supply, and what you are buying is most likely produced from fossil fuels.  The Full Green program supplements the energy provided by your on-site or community-owned solar project with all green power, often at lower rates than you are paying for default supply from the utility.  Contact us for full details and a quotation.


Use AED’s ‘Reverse Energy Auction’ market to get quotes from Competitive Electric Suppliers all around the country to obtain the LOWEST COST energy available. Watch how the Auction works!  This process is super simple, and insures that you will always continue to get the best deal on electricity, whether green or ‘brown’.  One-Stop Shopping at its best!    Contact us for full details and a quotation.

Both of our Competitive Supply products are offered through the S-T Network Sales Team!