FOCUS© – when you want to see your true project earnings.

FOCUS© energy project modeling software is designed to allow renewable energy development companies to quickly and easily simulate and optimize the financial output of a project and view the results in detail.

The software was designed in 2009 by renewable energy project developer Brian Kuhn, who was looking for a better way to model commercial/industrial projects from the project owner’s point of view. Drawing on his commercial real estate background, Kuhn wanted a way to model his projects like the income properties they were.  Today FOCUS© is relied on by prospectors, developers, financial institutions and others who want to quickly and accurately project the financial performance of solar, wind, storage and other renewable sites.

Whether Behind-the-Meter, In-Front-of-the-Meter, or Off-Grid, FOCUS© can combine multiple generation assets (solar PV, wind, CHP, or even efficiency measures) with electrical storage, loads, and other ancillary production output (vehicle charges, water desalination, H2 or NH3 production, etc.) to depict a comprehensive project Proforma Income statement.

Project cost estimation through detailed and scalable Bills of Materials (BOMs) allow ‘what-if’ scenarios. FOCUS© handles Investment Tax Credits, Depreciation, Multiple Electric Rate Structures (Energy and Demand charges), Net Metering and other Incentive Rates, and Structured Financing techniques with ease.

The software simulates operations on a 15 minute basis over the course of a year, and then projects the results to a 25 year Proforma Income Statement.

  • Optimize system configurations for maximum project IRR.
  • Up to 3 different energy resources in a project (Solar, Wind, CHP, etc.).
  • BatteryEnergy Storage System (BESS)Assets and Strategies (Arbitrage, Cleanpeak, Peak Shaving, etc.)
  • Net Metering, Power Purchase Agreements, Incentive Tariffs
  • Excess energy production sold, stored, sunk (has value) or stranded (no value).
  • Demand (power) as well as Energy monetization, with incentive programs.
  • BESS graphs, reports, proforma spreadsheets, etc

Other features of FOCUS include:

  • Investment and Production Tax Credit Analysis (ITC & PTC)
  • Other Federal, State and Local Grants
  • IRR, Net Present Value, Simple Payback, and other methods of analysis
  • Carbon Equivalent Savings Estimate
  • C‐Corp or S‐Corp/LLC and Pass‐Thru tax views
  • Graphical Net Cash Flow view
  • Lease vs. Debt/Equity Financing
  • Monthly or Annual O&M costs
  • Land/Rent/PILOT charges
  • Management Fees
  • and much more!

Want to see how FOCUS© is used?  Visit our Publications page for White Papers and Modeling examples.

FOCUS© is available under a modified ‘Software-as-a-Service’ model.  Users can specify much of the project information using a web-based input form, and then work with a personal analyst to produce the desired results.  This saves the customer from costly annual licensing fees, upgrades and dedicated employee training time.  With pricing on a ‘per project’ basis, costs can be directly attributed to individual project development.