Flexible, Customized C&I Solar Financing

AED works directly with property owners, solar EPCs, and other solar developers to provide the right financing solution for their small, midsize, and large scale commercial and industrial solar projects.

Whether it’s an equity partner or solar loan for the property owner, business owner, or debt in a third-party ownership vehicle, AED has arranged funding partnerships with experienced Lenders and Investors to provide both Debt and Equity solutions that are as fast, flexible, and straightforward as can be.

Some Solutions Include:

  • Non-Recourse Debt (No Personal Guarantees in Most Cases)
  • 3rd Party Tax Equity Investors (Monetize Tax Incentives if Applicable)
  • Solar System Itself as Collateral (No Additional Liens on the Property)
  • Will Lend to SPE’s (Separate Entities Can Be Setup to Own the System)
  • Both Construction and Permanent Financing Available (Help Getting Started)

Quickly secure financing for your business, nonprofit, or community solar projects.

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Sun light and the wind may be free, but building the capital equipment to capture sustainable energy and put it to use costs a lot of money. We offer the ability to fund projects as they become permitted. We maintain relationships with a large number of private and institutional equity and debt investors who are aware of our expertise in the renewable energy field.

For international projects we often work with American-made manufacturers like Aeronautica Windpower, or our Essential Utilities consortium partners, in order to obtain favorable financing from the US Import/Export bank and other low cost alternatives. Where possible on international projects we also strive to encourage local investment so that wealth can remain in the local economy and restore the balance of trade that might have been leaving the country.
All AED projects undergo a very strict qualifying process in order to determine profitability over a 25 year period of time. Qualified investors who are interested in investing in renewable energy projects are encouraged to contact us directly.