Welcome to the AED intake portal. Please use the forms below to submit new opportunities to our team.

New Solar Project Submission

Property Owners and AED Associates can use this form to submit a new Solar PV project for review and a proposal. Please include as much information about the property as possible to ensure an accurate proposal.

Project Funding Submission

Project Owners and Developers can use this form to submit a project for financing review. We provide a suite of financing solutions including Tax Equity, Sponsor Equity, Debt, C-PACE, USDA, and IPP purchase options.

New Investor Questionnaire

Looking to invest in a Commercial Solar PV project? We can guide you through the process, explain the tax benefits, and provide detailed cash flow proformas to help you make an informed investment decision.

Energy Offtaker Submission

Are you a large Commercial/Industrial Energy user looking to offset your usage with discounted Net Metering Credits / Alternative On-Bill Credits? Use the form below to tell us a bit more about how we can help!

Become an AED Associate!

Looking to become ‘Associated’ with AED? AED associates include Sales Representatives, Realtors, Offtake Providers, Installers, Developers, Engineers, Financiers, and other trade partners. These partners allow AED to offer its services on a national, and even international, basis.

Looking for Solar Sales Tools and Primers? Go here.