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Looking to buy or sell sites or completed projects? Check out our Trading Desk for development opportunities or projects under construction.

Video Gallery

In our services of many turbines, our technicians enjoy incredible views which we would like to share with you! These project sites are located around…

100% Renewable Solutions

While working with some African nations we were asked to design a megawatt-class renewable energy generation facility that would supply 100% of the…

Receive A Quote

Tell us a little more about your project and we’ll get started today….

AED Financing

Now offering flexible, non-recourse construction & installation financing….

Network Operations Center

24/7 System Monitoring, Operations & Maintenance services,Thermal Imaging capabilities….

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Why Us?

In our efforts to provide renewable energy solutions around the world, we recognized that many developing markets, including island nations and remote villages, have a need not only for renewable energy to reduce fossil fuel energy costs, but also greater baseline energy production, grid stabilization, storage capacity, and access to fresh water. Our Essential Utilities Consortium is an outgrowth of that effort to provide solutions with a number of key technology partners.

As a renewable energy solution provider, system integrator and project developer, AED provides a wide range of services for potential projects. Some services we provide include:

  • Planning and designing
  • Energy and financial modeling
  • Permitting
  • Construction and Engineering Management
  • Financing
  • On-going Operations

Welcome to Associated Energy Developers!

Our company provides expertise in the field of renewable energy sources to property owners and project developers. We provide site assessments, feasibility studies, concept designs, engineering and construction management, and development and financing services for Wind, Solar, and other sustainable energy projects.

Since 1979 our principals have worked with private firms, municipalities, island nations, grid operators and financing groups to identify, model and develop renewable energy solutions and related services, such as grid stabilization and fresh water production. We act as a system integrator to tie these systems into facilities and local grids. And we provide the ‘back office’ technical and financial support for other developers and site prospectors who wish to become ‘Associated’ with us.

About Us And Solutions

The roots of sustainability and renewable energy run deep within our company. We are proud to say our employees have over 30 years of experience within this industry. AED is a partially owned subsidiary of Aeronautica Windpower, LLC, a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of mid-scale wind turbines. Although turbine agnostic, this relationship provides AED with unique capabilities and an unparalleled understanding of the wind energy marketplace that you will not find in other design, engineering and development firms. We truly understand the issues in the renewable energy marketplace, and can help you take advantage of hidden opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

  • Wind Power

    Our specialty is in the commerical/industrial wind markets. From ‘behind the meter’ applications such as a school campus.

  • Solar Photovoltaics

    In a few short years Solar Photovoltaic systems have become competitive in many areas of the world.

  • Grid Stabilization

    Wind and solar resources, while environmentally ‘clean’, are inherently variable power sources. Winds can gust or stop altogether

  • H2 Renewables

    While the United States has an abundance of wind energy resources, getting this power transmitted to large geographical ‘load centers’

Designed to fit your needs!

At AED we provide a spectrum of solutions to retrofit and develop energy efficient projects worldwide.


What others say about us

Troy B.G. Clarkson

Mr. Kuhn brings a long history of involvement in the renewable energy field to bear in such instances and can provide insightful perspectives on many different forms of renewable energy systems. His background as a professional real estate broker in combination with his work in renewals makes him an ideal candidate for this type of work

Troy B.G. ClarksonTown Manager
Janice Wiles

AED’s ability to screen sites for all types of renewable energy with a focus on wind and solar would be a great fit for any state or city who wishes to increase its renewable energy production, and through their sound scientific practices identical potential sites that were previously overlooked.

Janice WilesExecutive Director