Funds available for Private and Public Schools for:

Energy Efficiency

Solar Photovoltaics


This program is available to all Texas schools on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis.  Private funding is available from investors and institutional lenders to approved schools in order to provide energy conservation equipment, including window tints and insulation, solar systems, and self-generation equipment like Co-Generation (Combined Heat, Cooling and Power, or CCHP).  Improvements are paid for by Power and Energy Purchase Agreements at prices below current school costs.  AED and its associated partners will provide all technical and financial details.  Registering your school does not obligate the school’s participation nor guarantee funding, but it does secure your place in the queue which is expected to become oversubscribed.

For further information contact our Texas representatives, LASA Associates, at 501-229-4340.

School administrators:  submit your quick application here.  You will be asked 12 questions about your school and asked to upload your electric (gas) bills.  There is no obligation at this time.

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