Our specialty is in the commerical/industrial wind markets. From ‘behind the meter’ applications such as a school campus or a waste water treatment plant, to small wind parks, we can help assess, design and permit your project. ‘Community Wind’ projects are becoming increasingly popular as increasing numbers of states provide interconnection programs such as net metering and Feed-In-Tariffs (FITs).

Many island nations, remote villages and other microgrids rely on fossil fuels—typically diesel generation—to provide their electrical needs. As fossil fuel prices continue to escalate, these locations face an ever increasing drain on their economy, from both a percentage of overhead and a balance of trade basis. But if they have a good wind resource they can generate wind power at a VERY effective costs compared to today’s fuel prices, thus stabilizing energy prices.

AED is ‘turbine agnostic’, and has specified turbines from 10kW to 2MW from more than 20 turbine manufacturers.  However, we also enjoy a close relationship with Aeronautica Windpower, LLC of Plymouth, MA. Aeronautica is the authorized North American licensee for Norwin A/S and is our ‘Essential Utilities’ consortium partner in wind power generation.

The workhorse of many of our mid-scale projects is the Aeronautica 750kW series of wind turbines. This IEC certified turbine was designed by the Danish company Norwin A/S and is currently in operation all around the world. Manufactured in the United States, the AW-750 can be used in both stand-alone installations and in wind farms feeding the utility grid. The AW-750 is available in a number of tower and rotor configurations and has hot and cold climate packages to fit each application.

These ‘queen-size’ 750kW machines produce utility-scale power, but at a physical size that allows them to be transported and erected at locations with limited infrastructure, poor roads, and smaller cranes. They are perfect for remote applications. The Aeronautica turbine is a real workhorse for isolated locations and island nations.