PROJECT SUBMISSIONS – Energy for Education

Welcome to the AED Energy for Education project submission portal.  From here our project team members can register projects for consideration into the program.

Energy for Education Solar Project Submission Form for Design and Prequalification

Submit your projects here.

AED Associates can use this form to submit a solar PV project for review in the program and get a proposal to be approved by the land or business owner.

You can use this form to attach electric bills, drawings and other required documentation for project design and review.

You must have an AED Associates Code to submit projects through this portal (see other box).

All Associates submitting projects agree to abide by the program rules and terms and conditions.

Become Associated with the Energy for Education Program!

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If you wish to originate projects for the Energy for Education program, use this form to tell us about your company and obtain a code that will allow you to link the projects that you submit to your AED  Associates account.  AED program Originators include installers, developers, engineers and other trade associates.  These associates can submit projects for design, review and compensation in the Energy for Education program.

You must have an AED Associates code to submit projects through this portal.

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Looking for information about the Energy for Education program? Go here.