Welcome to our webpage for the Heritage Christian Church Solar Project! We set this page up as an easy destination for the congregation to visit to learn about the project and view our design renderings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Heritage Christian Church Solar Project?

A. The Heritage Christian Church Solar Project is a combination Rooftop & Solar Canopy project that will provide the Church with revenue as well as covered parking with solar canopies.

Q. Who is AED?

A. Associated Energy Developers (AED) is a local renewable energy developer based in Plymouth, MA with deep roots in Southeastern MA and Cape Cod. We’ve developed solar and wind projects across New England even across the world!

Q. How large is this project?

A. This is a 275 kilowatt (kW) project consisting of a 212kW Solar Canopy and a 63kW Rooftop Array (about 733 solar panels). 

Q. How much energy will the project generate?

A. The project will generate approximately 394,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year – enough to power roughly 25 homes.

Q. Will the Church benefit from the solar energy?

A. Not directly. The project will be configured “‘in front of the meter” – meaning that all of the solar energy will be exported to the grid. The energy will create “Net Metering Credits” (think of these as Eversource gift cards) that AED will sell to “Offtakers” (large commercial customers or public entities). AED will pay the Church rent for 20 years out of the revenue generated. Plus, the entire Church will be able to benefit from the covered parking that the solar canopies provide!

Want to learn more? Please contact us today at 1(888) 800-2381 or email at Info@AssocEnergy.com

Click this link to view a 3D panorama tour of the project: Heritage Christian Church Solar Project

Click on the pictures below to view photo-simulations of the project!